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Before & After: Awkward Layout to Spa-Like Bath Retreat

These parents of two teenagers wanted their en suite bathroom to serve as a retreat from the hustle and bustle in the rest of their home. We adjusted the room’s awkward layout and gave the clients a clean-lined, moody-yet-calming space with tiled wainscoting, striking lighting, an open and bright new shower and a new freestanding tub.  The bathroom’s style was dated and the room had an awkward layout. To the left was a door on the diagonal that led to a toilet room. On the right, a closet jutted out into the space. The shower was like a dark cave and was a driving force of the clients wanting to remodel this room to improve the room's function and have a moody, contemporary aesthetic. 

Dark and dated Bath.JPG
Gorgeous Free Standing Tub
Dark and dated Bath.JPG
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